Rope Rescue and
Access Services


Our highly trained and experienced technicians set the standard for onshore and offshore rescue and access services.

Contract Resources specialises in achieving successful outcomes for our clients in hazardous environments around the world. Ensuring the safety of our people and those we are responsible for is the highest priority when undertaking high risk activities.

Contract Resources has become uniquely qualified to offer advanced rope rescue and access to heavy industry by leveraging our advanced in-house training program and facilities, developed to ensure the highest level of safety for our team.\

Over the years, we’ve refined these skills to assist clients who work in hazardous environments, become better prepared and to provide expert help whenever the need arises.

With over 30 years’ experience in the harshest environments heavy industry has to offer, our dedicated team will ensure all risks are identified and appropriately managed.

Services Offered

  • Specialised, multi-skilled safety personnel who are well resourced and highly adaptable to client requirements
  • Rescue standby and response options for urban and remote locations
  • Fully equipped safety vehicles and breathing air support trailers for inert or hazardous environments, supporting a wide range of rescue scenarios
  • Site-wide CSE rescue standby
  • Site-wide CSE management
  • Project planning and management
  • Documentation management, including rescue and ventilation plan development

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Specialised equipment, manufactured to meet stringent industry specifications and requirements, increases safety and optimises Contract Resources’ performance verses other industrial service providers.

We supply a range of purpose-built onshore and offshore compliant rescue and access equipment. Electrical equipment is built to industry requirements and certified for onshore or offshore lifting as appropriate.

Equipment is maintained and technician training is proactively kept up to date for the immediate mobilisation of equipment and personnel as needed. This approach allows us to respond quickly to offshore works being completed in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea; with world class equipment and personnel.


Our multi-skilled workforce results in seamless scope execution, flexibility of role on site and reduced supporting contractors, whilst maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

We collaborate with clients to ensure industry best practices are identified and implemented for every project. Technicians are highly trained and selected on their work ethic, industry experience, technical knowledge and ability to perform a wide range of services to the highest safety standard.

The combination of our strong focus on safety and quality combined with our genuinely multi-skilled, highly experienced teams increases our client’s productivity. Reenforcing that Contract Resources are the most efficient, cost effective team in the industry.

Ensuring the safety of our people and those
we are responsible for is the highest priority
when undertaking high risk activities.

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