Safer done smarter.

Thinking beyond just compliance, Zero harm is at the core of everything we do.


Completely committed

Performance-driven, we strive to exceed expectations in high-pressure business-critical situations. Our commitment to doing things right the first time - with a strong emphasis on safety - is the cornerstone of our success. This comes down to the calibre of our exceptional team.

Tailored safety training is provided at our specialist facilities to AS/NZS, OSHA and International Standards. Our 8 safety commitments and 9 life saving rules keep us focused, and we invest in the continuous development of our people, to increase safety and enhance performance.

Our Commitments

  • Turn up ‘fit for work’ every day
  • Participate in the JSEA process and to review and amend if there are any changes
  • Only undertake tasks that I’m trained and competent to complete safely
  • Never walk past a potential accident/incident without addressing the risk and then report it to my supervisor
  • Respect everyone in my workplace
  • Take responsibility for my own safety and those around me
  • Use and maintain equipment and assets in line with Contract Resources requirements
  • Always follow Company procedures and to ask when unsure

Decarbonisation and beyond

We’re proudly setting new standards in specialised industrial and environmental services across the energy, new energy and minerals processing sectors. See how we’re paving the way for a sustainable future and reducing our carbon footprint today.

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Customised technology

We’re committed to providing clients with customised technology solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a job.

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