Delivering more with less.

Proudly doing the harder yards smarter for our longstanding and emerging clients, we’re committed to deliver sustainable transitional solutions in a balanced cost-effective way.

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Empowering energy transition

  • We accept the scientific consensus on climate change.
  • We support the Paris Agreement and its goal to limit the rise in global temperature to no more than 1.5º C above pre-industrial levels.
  • We commit, along with our clients, to reduce global emissions.

Exploring how to integrate sustainability and new technologies in some of the most complex industrial sectors is an ongoing challenge.

Today’s progressive companies need to be bold, resourceful and resolute in their pursuit of solutions that deliver real and measurable outcomes. That’s why we created our dedicated in-house decarbonisation and innovation divisions. Their ingenuity ensures we will continually progress forward with confidence as future energy markets transition.

Our strategy is to build on our culture of innovation to expand our portfolio of decarbonisation resilient products and services. We are also working towards limiting our own carbon footprint and embracing energy productivity – delivering a “more with less” approach.

Emissions tracking

Being responsible means taking a proactive approach. We actively track and monitor our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, then use the data collected to help guide and shape our investment decisions. How we operate and grow into the future in an environmentally sustainable manner is core to our business strategy.

Unlocking the Circular Economy

Together with our clients, we’re finding new and inventive ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We’re committed to the principles of the circular economy. Our teams work closely with our clients to develop unique solutions for extracting value from both hard to treat and hazardous waste materials.

Sharing innovative thinking

For us, innovation is part of our DNA. The continual exploration and generation of new ideas is the heart of the CR culture. That’s why we’ve created decarbonisation and innovation teams who are integrated into our wider business across multiple geographic regions. For our clients, this means access to a global network of specialist problem solvers. If a complex challenge arises in one geography, it can be solved by another CR team in an alternate geography.