Heat Exchanger Services


We continue to innovate by creating increasingly efficient and effective heat exchanger maintenance services for the petrochemical, refining, manufacturing and utility sectors.

Specialised Services

With a focus on delivering a ‘turnkey’ service, we offer a complete blinds to blinds – isolate, open, pull, clean, push, box up and pressure test service.

With the deployment of the latest technology and equipment, together with a multi-skilled workforce, we seek optimal performance and productivity, whilst maintaining a safety record that sets us apart in the industry.

Our team is able to execute all plant critical heat exchanger maintenance in a safe manner, without environmental impact whilst minimising asset downtime and ultimately, business impact.

Our service involves mobilising all required equipment, including specialised mechanical equipment such as bundle lifters and bundle extractors through to ultra-high-pressure automated water jetting equipment, and safely returning plant to optimal service.

Services Offered

  • All-encompassing blinds-to-blinds service – isolations, pull, clean, push, close, test
  • Fully automated, environmentally sound, pad and in-situ tube cleaning
  • A large range of HP and UHP hydro-jetting equipment and associated safety devices operated by experienced personnel to ensure optimum project delivery
  • Enclosed facilities ensuring zero water to grade for environmentally vulnerable locations
  • Water minimisation and recycling options where required
  • Remotely controlled hydraulic bundle extractors and lifters to reduce downtime and risk to operators and equipment
  • Proprietary on-line chemical cleaning and decontamination procedures

Our team is able to execute all plant critical
heat exchanger maintenance in a safe manner
without environmental impact

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