Decontamination and Chemical Cleaning


Our in-house specialists provide innovative, safe and cost effective decontamination, cleaning and metal passivation solutions to diverse industries, ranging from heavy oil refining to ultra-sterile dairy and potable water installations.

The provision of chemical cleaning services, in place of conventional cleaning methods, provides HSE benefits and may significantly reduce costs.

Our specialised approach to chemical cleaning, along with our extensive fleet of specialised equipment, consistently assist our clients in preventing product loss, increasing plant performance and operating times, and overall reduces cleaning costs.

Our specialised processes are the result of over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry combined with highly skilled technical teams and alliances with world leading chemical decontamination companies.

Our chemical cleaning technologies are able to remove residual oils, corrosion, hard water deposits and other undesirable contaminants from process equipment, without causing surface damage that is occasionally seen when traditional cleaning methods are employed.

Our Services

  • Decontamination services enabling breathing apparatus free CSE to vessels
  • Acid pickling and passivation services (including exotic metals)
  • Chemical cleaning decommissioning services
  • Degreasing commissioning services
  • Hot alkaline flushing
  • Mercury decontamination services
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) decontamination services
  • Monitoring services for Mercury/BTEX/NORMS
  • Online fin fan and cooler cleaning
  • Marine growth and bacteria control and cleaning
  • Steam cleaning services including vapour phase and boil out technologies
  • Persistent and hard scale removal
  • Custom chemical formulation flushing services
  • Unique Heat exchanger cleaning methodologies
  • Coke and Asphaltene chemical cleaning services
  • Metals reclamation and disposal of materials

Additional Information

Decontamination and Degassing

We utilise biodegradable, cost effective plant decontamination and degassing systems which are compatible with all metallurgy. We understand that water treatment facilities and certain processes can limit the use of various chemicals. We will select a product and cleaning process which is effective, yet does not impact on your water treatment or other internal processes.

  • Benzene < 1ppm; H2S ~ 0ppm; LEL ~ 0%; Pyrophorics nil
  • Oils and sludges are emulsified then removed from equipment and piping allowing recovery in the water phase
  • 75% time saving vs. traditional steam cleaning
  • Utilizes vapour phase increasing effectiveness while significantly decreasing waste from the process

Acid and Alkaline Treatment

Contract Resources’ acid and alkaline treatments provide an effective alternative to mechanical cleaning resulting in the removal of persistent scale and other deposits in those difficult to reach plant locations.

Our acid and alkaline based products clean surfaces deep into the pores, leaving no surface contamination, while carefully selected inhibitors and continuous monitoring, using Contract Resources’ mobile laboratory, ensures preservation of the base material.

Inhibited acid and alkaline cleaning products are extremely effective for cleaning furnace tubes (internal and external), process pipelines, cooling water systems, external surface preparation and stainless steel metal pickling and passivating.

Our specialised processes are the result of over
30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry
combined with highly skilled technical teams.

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