About CatSpider™

The CatSpider is the future of vessel servicing and maintenance. Designed and manufactured by the Contract Resources’ innovation team and deployed and operated by our experienced catalyst handling technicians, the CatSpider™ significantly reduces the number of confined space entries and time our people are exposed to hazardous spaces.

The core functionality of the CatSpider™ is to remove media in reactors, dehydration vessels and mercury guard beds.

The CatSpider™ is Ex Zone 1 rated and can work in hazardous and inert atmospheres.

Key Highlights

  • Integrated control station with Ex Zone 1 rated camera and lighting system to operate in Major Hazard Facilities
  • Fits into 600mm manways with extendable outriggers that can span to an internal diameter of 7800mm
  • A patented knuckle assembly with extendable vacuum arm providing full 360° rotation
  • Reduced need for inert entry by technicians during catalyst removal
  • Unload rates greater than 7m3 per hour under continuous vacuum
  • Can be utilised in vessels with offset manways
  • Providing schedule improvements in catalyst unload cycle times being able to continuously operate and in various conditions
  • Units deployed globally across Australia, NZ and Middle East
  • In-house design review prior to project deployment