About CatVeyor™

Contract Resources has dealt with various loading challenges for more than 30 years. Throughout this time, we have developed inhouse vacuum loading systems, pressurised loading systems, chain-vey systems along with optimised more traditional loading systems giving our clients the flexibility to deploy the most suitable system for the media, vessel and location.

After a comprehensive review of industry and comparable industry technology, we invested in a combination of existing and bespoke equipment committed to craneless loading with the CatVeyor™ being unveiled in 2022.

Key Highlights

  • The benefits of the CatVeyor™ include the following:
  • Removal of decanting of media prior to event
  • Ability to load both drums and bulka bags
  • Removal of manual handling activities associated with these activities
  • Loading rate in excess of 18m3 per hour
  • Ability to load in significant wind events up to 47m/sec per hour (n.b. most cranes cease lifts at 15 m/sec wind speed)
  • Ability to continue loading during rain events with an enclosed system
  • Capability to maintain a positive Inert Blanket throughout the loading process
  • Data recording to log loading process – previous process required manual entry
  • For platform configured vessels the unit has the ability to load multiple vessels simultaneously allowing time for inspections / level outs during the loading process while other vessels continue on in parallel