About Nitrogen Generation Unit

As part of our commitment to decarbonisation, Contract Resources has fast-tracked a series of investments in our vast equipment fleet. These targeted investments are designed to have a positive impact on both Contract Resources’ and our clients emissions and environmental footprint. Integral to this strategy is our key investment in a portable, turn-key nitrogen generation package.

This agile system allows for fast and reliable generation of high purity Nitrogen on client sites. With first deployment taking place in New Zealand to support maintenance shutdowns within the geothermal industry, use of this unit has significantly reduced the need for large scale truck movements of nitrogen from outlying depots located some 250km away. This is just one way in which Contract Resources is working to reduce carbon emissions and improve our carbon footprint.

Key Highlights

  • On demand Nitrogen as required by clients.
  • Ability to generate up to 800m³/h of high-purity (>99%) nitrogen.
  • Removes risk around over or under ordering nitrogen for shutdowns.
  • Strategically placed in the Central North Island of New Zealand to allow for quick response time.
  • Quick set-up and tie-in capabilities.